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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in Brampton, Whether you want to generate leads, drive sales or create awareness of your brand, we have social media marketing and PPC ad experts to develop strategies to boost your social media platforms. Hence, with the right content and advertisement copy, you may target your users easily.

Scope of Our Paid Social Marketing Advertisements 

Facebook Advertisement

Facebook has approximately 2 billion active users and is preferable among both B2B and B2C businesses. In the case of Facebook advertisement, our professionals at digi8 target audiences for your company according to diverse demographics. These are education, age, connections, gender, and interests.

Instagram Advertisement 

Our digi8 professionals work with you to design images and videos on Instagram to engage your users while they scroll the news feed. Hence, our efforts create brand awareness, promote engagement and drive a huge amount of website traffic. 

Our Focus Areas to Accomplish Paid Social Media Advertisement Strategy 

Research of Your Target Audience 

We work closely with your company to know your prospects know the types of content, which will engage the most. Accordingly, we execute paid social media ad campaigns to engage the prospects directly on your platform or drive them to relevant web pages of your website.  

Development of Landing Pages and Advertisement Copies 

Your advertisement campaign becomes successful if the advertisement copy, contents, and landing pages stay optimized to entice and convert the target audiences. We at digi8 work with your social media marketing experts to develop engaging and target ads. In this way, we inspire you to take action for your audience. We also strive hard to develop landing pages to meet the expectations of your users. 

Campaign Monitoring and Optimizations Regularly 

We regularly monitor and optimize your advertisement campaigns to make sure each ad and content meet the audience’s needs. Simultaneously, we address any roadblock and grab opportunities to generate the highest possible Returns on Investment. 

With the right content and advertisement copies by our digi8, you may target your users easily. 

What’s needed from the clients’ side?

  • Well-defined and specific goals for the project.
  • A notification for us which improvement tasks to prioritize.
  • A dedicated person responsible for communication with us throughout our period of cooperation.

How do I start?

Write us an email about your business, your goals and what results you expect or you can live chat with us.


$ 500 Monthly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 3 Ads Variations
  • For Ad Spent 200 to 500 per month*
  • FB and Instagram


$ 1100 Monthly
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 3 Ad Variations
  • For Ad Spend 599 to 1000 per month*
  • FB and Instagram

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